Should I Judge Safety or Danger? Perceived Risk in Avalanche Terrain Depends on the Question Frame

Co-author(s): Christin Schulze, Markus Landrø, Jordy Hendrikx, Audun Hetland

The language used to formulate risk judgments and its influence on the cognitive processes of decision making has pragmatic implications for the effectiveness of avalanche safety strategies. Phrasing a risk judgment in terms of how safe the slope is (vs. how dangerous it is) resulted in lower judged safety values and a lower likelihood of skiing the slope. Our experimental findings highlight a promising direction for the strategic application of question framing for increased avalanche safety.


This presentation will be live:

Monday October 5 (14:00 – 15:30 MDT), Tuesday October 6 (06:15 – 07:45 MDT)
Monday, 5 October: Markus Landrø and I (Matthew) will be available for the entire live session to discuss our research and its implications. Tuesday, 6 October: I will be available from 06:15 to 07:00 (MDT) to discuss our research, after which I must end the session to present another poster at VSSW 2020. A brief summary of recommendations and possible applications of our research findings is available at