Instant inclinometry and avy risk check: Easy DIY kit and a study project

Co-author(s): Jordy Hendrikx

Ski pole slope estimation became quick measurement by geometrics and a spirit level vial.

Risk check: avy danger grade and two decision frameworks: ”Afterski” and ”Elementary Reduction Method” limits with 95 to 80% avy avoidance were made into visual risk symbols on the slope angle scale. 

Result: Inclinometry shows the actual avalanche risk. 

Takes 3 seconds -> done often.

This could help develop slope estimation and safe route finding skills.

A study on its efficacy is planned this winter.


This presentation will be live:

Monday October 5 (14:00 – 15:30 MDT), Tuesday October 6 (06:15 – 07:45 MDT)