Author: Nathan Kneisel

Avi-App: Terrain, Predictive and Visual Analytic Tools

Avi-App: Predictive & Analytic Tools  Using real-time/historical Geo-Database Data, to Update Hazard Ratings, Model and Simulate Hazard: Utilize (CAA) Researcher Experience to Instantly 3D Visualize/Analyse Solutions to Avalanche Hazard:  Accurately Predict Hazard, Hang-Fire, Wind-load, Solar-Heatmap Layer (Bonding, Sensitivity, Depth, Volume, Load, Density, Water Equivalent)…  Unlimited automated remote sensing capabilities mounted on UAV, to skier for analysis of snow pack, terrain, weather, using satellite, LiDAR, GPR, Thermal, Terrain Updates.  Model and simulate hazard loads, plan, and amend best ski routes. Note: Please See our Video for a Detailed Live Demonstration. Note: We Will Answer Your Questions in Detail, in the Zoom Meeting 😉 Zoom Meeting: Password: 020620 Note: Meeting OPEN 24/hrs Sunday Oct 4 to Friday Oct 9, 2020 Nathan Kneisel – Phone: (403) 519-2993;; Derek Dumigan – Phone: (403) 991-6053;

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Avi-App – Enhancing Avalanche Management with Automated GIS, 3D, Online, Real-time Data Visual Analysis and Modelling

Using a Depth of Avalanche Subject Matter Experience Forecasters Instantly 3D Visualize/Analyse Solutions with: – Collector Apps, Dashboards, Hazard Analysis Tools and Real-time/Historical Data to: Predict, Model Hang-fire Hazard using: Real-time/historical data; Unlimited Remote-Sensed Data; Streamlined Data – More Researcher Analysis; Automated 3rd Party Software/Database Interface; Solid Base for the Future of Avalanche Education, Skier Management/Rescue. Note: Please see the Video Presentation Below. Note: Welcoming all your Questions in Detail, During our Virtual Zoom Meeting, Please see the Meeting Link Below. Zoom Meeting: 020620 Nathan Kneisel – Phone: (403) 519-2993;; Derek Dumigan – Phone: (403) 991-6053;

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