Author: Mikhail Ryabchikov

Remote monitoring of snow cover pressure on the underlying surface

Demonstration of hardware and software complex for continuous remote monitoring of snow cover pressure on the underlying surface and the results of the complex operation. Poster’s content: principal scheme of hardware and software complex, interaction description of parts of the complex, goals and objectives of the complex, description of studies that have already been performed with geographical references, primary analysis of the received data, contact information of the workgroup. Observations over snow accumulation in avalanche paths and distribution of snow on the slopes are fundamental for snow cover researching as well as for avalanche forecasting. The main idea of this project is to measure not the height of the snow cover, but directly the pressure of the snow mass on the underlying surface. Observations are carried out continuously, in automatic basis, with a programmed measurement frequency. Due to the continuity of measurements, it becomes possible to accurately and efficiently track changes in the pressure exerted by the snow cover. That means it’s possible to calculate, among other things, the pressure of freshly formed layers of snow on the old snow cover. This also gives us opportunity to register the fact of an avalanche release, to measure the additional pressure arising during the work on the artificial avalanches release and increasing the intrinsic strength of hard snow slabs. A number of these parameters were not possible for measurement by pre-existing means. Installed at key points of the avalanche path, Snow42 tensometric platforms allow obtaining the most representative data on the state of the snow cover, the dynamics of its change, registering the time of the beginning and end of snowfall and blizzard, and the fact of an avalanche. Based on the data obtained, it is possible to assume the relationship between the rate of load growth and the probability of avalanche

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