Guest Speakers

Andrea Mannberg

Andrea Mannberg is a professor in Economics at UiT – the Arctic University of Norway. She leads the cross-disciplinary research project White Heat, and is one of the research leaders at Center for Avalanche Research and Education (CARE). In 2014, Mannberg was severely injured in an avalanche. Looking back, she realizes that her accident is an excellent example of how situational and internal factors can lead to poor decisions. 

What’s economics got to do with it? A behavioral economist’s view on risk-taking behavior in avalanche terrain

When you make a decision, you likely do so because you deem it the best one given the circumstances, whether you make the decisions consciously or without thinking about it. Sometimes, these circumstances incentivize us to do something that we ideally would not like to do, that we later regret or that harm others. Behavioral economists seek to identify factors that make our decisions ‘sub-optimal’—either from our own personal view or from society’s perspective—and design interventions that nudge us to make better decisions. 

In this presentation, I will talk about how behavioral economics can help shed light on factors that distort decisions in avalanche terrain, and how we can mitigate the effects.